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Global Entrepreneurs 

are professionals,

immigrant entrepreneurs and  investors who use their global 

understanding and connections to identify transnational and cross-cultural opportunities and turn them into new value-creating initiative. They are mobile and can relocate. They don’t automatically buy raw materials from nearby suppliers or set up factories close to their headquarters. They hunt for the planet’s best manufacturing locations because political and economic barriers have fallen and vast quantities of information are at their fingertips. They also scout for talent across the globe, tap investors wherever they may be located,

and learn to manage 

operations from a distance.

Global Providers are solution vendors, 

service provider or value-added resellers (VAR) that comprehensively handle their client's 

project needs from concept to installation through support. They don't automatically offer their services to nearby clients and can scout for talent across the globe. They tap investors, partners wherever they may be located to maximize affordability and innovation and can or are open to offering

their services from a distance.

Global Opportunities come from businesses that look beyond their immediate interests to thrive. They build alliances with civil society actors that 

equally strive to  strengthen the social bottom line on the sustainability agenda of the planet. Solution oriented, they create business opportunities around smart cities, green consumer choices, energy autonomy, precision treatment, smart ocean and more. They don't automatically offer their

opportunities to nearby

investors and scout for talent across the globe. They tap partners, clients, wherever they may be located to reach their goals and can or are open to offering

their opportunity from a distance.

Global Skilled are expert immigrants, expats, temporary contract workers and 

international students seeking value add jobs in their field across the planet. Global minded, they don't only consider job opportunities nearby and scout for job offers across the globe. They often hold multiple degrees from town and out of town universities and have worked for businesses located in different countries or cities. They are open to offering their skills from a distance.

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